300Pcs/Lot 32mm White AB Paillette Flowers Center Holes DIY Sewing Materials Sequins Craft for Garment ,Kids DIY ,Scrapbook

Wholesale guipure sequins, eyeshadow color

Yellow Rice

Plated transparent light green. 4mm flat giltter sequins. Vonos. Cxsq01. Center hole. Cotton t shirts spandex. Athletic shoe type: Sequin 4. Ladies beautiful shoes. 90*50mm. 20mm ab transparent orange. 

Accessories Orange

Rose red white black gold gray blue colorSequin art kids. Accessories type: Micro-bomb. Flower shapes. B05686 b05687 b05688 b05689 b05690 b05691 b05692 b05693. Necklace type: Blue top sequin. Wholesale shoes superstare red. Wholesale shoes holographic. Green laser. About 65 or130 piece /lot. Style: Round flat snowflake. B47944. 4mm/6mm circle ring. Laser dark blue. Ab transparent 119. Funique. 

Multicolored Flat Shoes

3*4 mm heart. Sequin and beads. Wholesale 2128 dress. Wholesale rainbow sequins bags. V0063. Sea shells for craft. Shoe boy. B47943. Flat diamond shoes. In the spring of 2018. 

Crafting Glitter For Diy

Wedding 100 pcs. Regular. Silver based dark green color. Approx 6mm diamete. Ymojnv. 6mm cup wholesale. Gold flower sequin. 3mm diamond ab green. Sneakers canvas. Nail gelCp1879. Clothing pvc. Keuek. 

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